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Would You Rather Watch TV or Invest in Yourself?

Updated: May 18, 2020

There is always a silver lining.

Yes, COVID-19 has been a scary time for many. There’s no denying that.

However, for some, the lockdown served as a giant “refresh” button.

It was an opportunity to take some time, slow down and breathe. In fact, many of us suddenly had so much time on our hands that we didn’t know what to do with it! We slept more, binge-watched more shows and “relaxed.”

And don’t get me wrong- there’s nothing wrong with relaxing and taking some time to recharge.

But what if- instead of using your extra time to watch TV- you used it to invest in yourself instead?

Read my free ebook and learn how to invest in real estate with no money down. Watch a YouTube video of real estate live streams. Take an online class like my No Money No Risk Investment course! We are giving a 40% discount for a limited time to help as many South Africans learn about real estate as possible!

This is the exact method that I used to become an expert in real estate investment. I used all of the free time I had to learn about investment techniques, read advice from experts, find a mentor and so on.

In no time at all, I went from someone with an interest in real estate investment to a bona fide investor closing large deals.

Why is this important? Not only can investing in yourself help expand knowledge and boost your career, but it can also help prepare you for the future. South Africa is in a retirement crisis. Last year, 67% of South Africans reported that they had no retirement plan. A whopping 91% of those South Africans said they were unable to save for retirement due to insufficient means.

So, I ask you: What would you rather do? Watch TV or invest in yourself?

A great way to invest in yourself is by learning from real estate experts. This Thursday, I will be hosting a live stream about how investors can pay as little as 2.5% in property management fees. My guest, Kyle Bradley, is the co-founder and chief technical officer (CTO) of HouseME, a digital residential rental technology platform that has grown to manage over 1,000 properties across the country in just two and a half years.

We will be discussing:

  1. The impact of the COVID-19 on the real estate market

  2. The effects of Proptech on the real estate industry and how it has been impacted by the lockdown

  3. Practical solutions for landlords to reduce their property management expenses

  4. How landlords can automate and digitize their property management during COVID -19

Kyle will also share information about his personal life, professional journey and business insights on Thursday, so don't miss it!

Remember that “attendance” of the live stream training is completely free, but there are limited seats. To avoid disappointment, be sure to reserve your spot today!

Did you miss our previous live streams? I’ve had the pleasure of hosting weekly live stream trainings with a plethora of talented and knowledgeable guests. If you missed any of the live streams, you can find them recorded on my YouTube channel here.

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