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Top 3 Seller Financing Options That Have Made Investors Rich

On the count of 3, name the biggest roadblock investors face:





This week we are going to talk about the #1 way to own a property today and pay later. Here’s what it’s all about:

What is seller financing?

When you’re ready to buy an investment property, the first thing you need to think about is funding. How are you going to pay for your property?

Most people think that you need to save money for years and then put a minimum of 20% down. That’s not the case. Sure, traditional financing is an option- but there is another financing option that is much more profitable: seller financing.

With traditional financing, a buyer would get a mortgage through a bank. With seller financing, the seller handles the mortgage process.

There are many different terms for seller financing: owner financing, purchase-money mortgage, land contract, contract for deed, rent to buy, stay to own and so on. However, they all mean the same thing.

Different types of seller financing

As with traditional financing, there are several different types of seller financing. It’s important to choose the right seller financing option to ensure that you- the buyer- profit as much as possible from the transaction. Here are the top 3 seller financing options that have made successful investors rich:

1. Monthly payments: With this option, the seller lays out a deposit, monthly rate and interest rate and the buyer pays these fees to the seller monthly.

2. Rent to buy lease: In a rent to own agreement, the buyer pays a deposit and monthly rental payments for the duration of a lease. After the lease is up, the buyer has the option to pay off the balance and buy the property.

3. Installment land contract: With this option, the buyer pays a monthly lease fee and profits from the equitable interest in the property. However, the title ownership remains in the seller’s name until the last loan payment is paid.

Exclusive Johannesburg seller financing investment opportunity

Seller financing is my favourite way to finance property investments because it gets you a faster return on your investment. That’s why I’m so excited to share this exclusive seller financing investment opportunity with you.

The Braamfontein Hotel has partnered with Rent2Buy to make 50 out of its 170 units available to investor buyers through a Stay to Own program.

Here are the perks:

NO HOME LOAN required: You do not need any bank finance to take advantage of this opportunity. Approval is based solely on a credit check and affordability. A small fee of R850 (individual) or R950 (couple) is payable via Quicker for these checks. Click here to read more about the Quicket payment structure.

15 year term: You have 15 years to pay back the purchase price to the seller. The best part? You can rent out the unit and use part of your rental income to pay the monthly installment.

AFFORDABLE payments: Monthly payments for this seller financing opportunity start at only R6 200 per month plus levies.

Levies are R1 540 plus water and electricity of R 600 and DSTV package of R250 per month.

Low deposit: Unlike traditional mortgages which require 20% down, investors only need a 5% deposit (R36 000to secure one of these stay to own units. And don’t worry- you can make this deposit back through your tenant’s rental deposit of R12,000.! (Psst: The Rent2Buy team can o a pre-qualification for your tenants, too!)

Take advantage of this incredible opportunity and APPLY for a Stay to Own apartment today!

Click here to check out the apartments. To apply for an exclusive Stay to Own apartment, fill out this brief application.


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