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The Secret to Never Working for Someone Else

If you’ve perused my website or read through some of my blogs before, you may know my story. In just three short years, I was able to go from a broke, struggling University student to a successful 7-figure real estate investor.

But how exactly did I build wealth with a no money down investment strategy?

Today I’m going to tell you just that.

I was never good at school. I was smart and driven, but too independent. My teachers would get frustrated with me because I always wanted to do things my way. Nonetheless, I graduated high school and went to University to study engineering. But the same problems persisted.

It became increasingly clear to me that I would not do well with a 9-5 job. I didn’t want to be stuck in a cubicle taking orders from someone else. While I didn’t do well in a classroom setting, I thrived in business.

However, I quickly learned that business theory and actually running a business are two different things.

In 2015, I started my own clothing business that quickly expanded from selling to friends and family to selling both online and to retail outlets in several provinces. I sourced all material from local sellers, but due to the quick popularity of my business, I faced a problem. Suppliers kept running out of material and I wasn’t able to fulfill orders. My business had grown too big too fast and I didn’t know how to keep up. So, that business failed.

But I wasn’t ready to give up. I refused to become like so many “successful” people I knew that were really just slaves to the office. So, I continued self studying about business and attending events. At one of these events, I learned about real estate investment and the importance of mentorship. I continued making connections in the industry and was able to land Neale Petersen, founder of REIM, as my mentor. I was able to take what worked for him, personalise it and apply it to my own investment strategy, and become successful. If I can do that, so can you.

I bought my first property in 2018. A few months later, I made 3 deals for student accommodations and with no money down, I made R20,000 each. With the help of my mentor and continued self study, I went from those first few deals to making daily deals in 2020. I now make over R300,000 monthly without having a “real job.”

I truly believe that with the right mindset, anyone can become a successful real estate investor.

When I started my property investment journey, I found so much conflicting information online. It made learning about property investment extremely difficult because I never knew whose advice to take! After a while, I realised that there was conflicting information because each and every property investment mogul has their own goals.

Before taking advice from a real estate investor, make sure that you share similar goals.

I have three goals when it comes to investing in real estate. First, to follow my passion. Second, to build wealth. And lastly, to help other real estate investors achieve their dreams. This combination is what led me to create my No Money Down blueprint. My blueprint will teach you step-by-step how to get started in real estate investment without paying a cent- and while closing high ROI deals.

If you want to learn how to make money fast in real estate investment without paying money up-front, then you’re in the right place! All you need to do is:

  1. Read my FREE ebook on How to Invest in Real Estate with No Money

  2. Join the training based on my No Money Down blueprint.

  3. Book your seat for my upcoming live stream on Thursday at 12pm SAST. I will be speaking with the managing director of SSLR attorneys about the legal impacts of COVID-19 on real estate investment

I hope to see you on Thursday!