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Property Coaches Will Never Tell You This..

Updated: Jul 21, 2020

Gone are the days when vital facts about an industry's loopholes stayed hidden from unsuspecting clients.

Because today almost EVERYTHING is online.

Yet it is surprising when people make the innocent mistake of hiring a property coach that takes their money but brings zero results.

This is why today's post will focus on a few important facts that property coaches will continually hide from you, except someone removes the scales from your eyes:

1. Not All Coaches Are Made Equal: "There are coaches'' and then, THERE ARE COACHES. Knowing the industry is still on its way to proper regulation, virtually anyone can wake up tomorrow and call themselves a "Property Coach." And this is why it is vital to investigate the background of the coach you want to deal with. Go beyond their website to learn about them. Find out if they have a lot of affiliations with other experts in the property industry. Find out if there are online reviews about them. And if there are, go ahead and email the reviewers asking them their opinion on the expert. Don't digest everything the property coach tells you, hoping it's true. You could even ask them serious questions and demand proof for the claims they make. It is your right and it's a surer way to avoid scammers and fraudsters.

2. Not All Students Become A Success: Many property coaches will NOT tell you this, but not all students will have the outstanding success these property coaches promise. Even if some of their past clients have won big in the past, results can vary widely indeed when it comes to individual basis. And this is because while property coaches will love to bear the risk of your success or failure in their marketing messages and adverts, the real truth is your failure or success lies heavily on you. The coach can guide you with facts and industry knowledge on what best options and roads to take, but at the end of the day, it is your investment. It’s like, the more informed you are - the more you know what you're doing outside of just relying on your coach - the more you are going to be successful. It's like hiring the best boxing coach in the world and expecting to become the best boxer in the world. It won't work! But that's what the property coaches promise! Therefore you have to be wary of property coaches who will say you don't have to do any extra work as long as you hire them. It sounds like good news but it's just bad news.

3. No One Strategy Will Work For Everyone: Again connected to their claims that "as long as you hire me, my method will work for you", or "My method has worked for A, B and C. Therefore it will work for you"...

These claims are far from the truth.

Real estate is a volatile environment and is heavily built on the predictability afforded by history. And also investors vary according to their reason for investing and their personal preferences and inclinations.

All this means there can never be one single and simple strategy for all investor types. And a good property coach will take that into account when dealing with clients.

That’s why it is called a "Strategy Session".

4. Your Why Is More Important Than Your How: It is also possible that on hunting for property coaches, their "one system for everyone" claim won't take into account that every investor comes in to invest for different reasons.

Very savvy coaches will point this out to you, but the rest who only want to swindle unsuspecting clients will NEVER mark this distinction.

For instance, what is your deep, core reason for investing (beyond you want to make returns)?

Do you want to make returns in a few short years as a way to double your money?

Do you want to make returns in terms of leaving a valuable asset for your children and loved ones?

Do you want to make returns in terms of having reduced taxes from your financial accounts?

Not every coach will take the time to dive in deep. But this is a necessary step.

5. Your Level Of Experience Determines What Type Of Coach You Will Need: Finally, investors come in various shapes and sizes.

As a matter of fact, it is possible to find an investor who knows a whole lot more than one particular property coach.

And so it is pertinent that you don't just pick any random property coach or mentor, simply because of their advertisement or simply because someone recommended them to you.

You should go on to have a chat with them, see if you can strike up some kind of rapport with them and see if they have REAL VALUE to offer you in exchange for your money.

After all, if you know more than them, why pay them a dime?



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