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Is the COVID-19 Lockdown Your Slap in the Face Moment?

Winning during COVID-19 with Robert Kiyosaki & Brian Rose

Sometimes we all need a good slap in the face.

At least, that’s what Robert Kiyosaki says. And I agree!

Earlier this month, I had the pleasure of watching an episode of the London Real hosted by Brian Rose. In the episode, Brian interviewed one of my greatest financial mentors- Robert Kiyosaki. If you are interested in building wealth, then you have undoubtedly heard all about the author of Rich Dad, Poor Dad.

Brian Rose is the host of London Real, a podcast that interviews interesting people. You may have seen him in the news recently when Youtube forced him to delete his interview with David Icke, who claimed that there was a link between COVID-19 and 5g.

In Brian’s interview with Robert, Robert says that you have two choices right now- to be overtaken with fear and shut down or use that fear as a motivator.

If you sit at home all day wondering, When can I go back to work? Will I be laid off? When will things go back to normal? Will this affect my pension? My retirement? How will I support my family? All of these questions can paralyse you with fear.

However, if you take this time to focus on doing meaningful work and building your wealth, you will not only have better mental health, but you’ll also reap the financial rewards.

Now is the time to take action.

The most important trait for any business person- particularly a real estate investor- is adaptability.

Throughout our lifetime, we will have many ups and downs. There will be recessions, times of great financial stress and times of abundance. It’s all about how you play your cards.

Different phases require different strategies. If you can adapt, you will make it out on the other side victorious. Right now, businesses around the world are being forced to adjust to the “new normal” that is COVID-19. Many businesses have shifted from in-office to working remotely. Others have shut down physical locations and are operating entirely online. If these businesses don’t adapt, they won’t survive the financial impact of COVID-19. The same goes for real estate investors.

Now is the best time to grow your business. You have the time to learn new skillsets, become proficient in different technologies and immerse yourself in everything related to real estate investment. It’s all about your mindset. If you see this time as an opportunity to better yourself, you will thrive.

And I want to help you do just that.

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