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How to Negotiate a Winning Deal During Lockdown

Updated: May 14, 2020

During South Africa’s lockdown, the Deeds Office was closed.

This meant that no property deals were being made. Additionally, thousands of South Africans began working from home, countless others became unemployed overnight, while many more were in limbo with their employment status.

However, data shows that even before the country’s official lockdown began, home purchases took a hit. Between January and March of this year, bond registrations with the Deeds Office were down 5.6% from this time last year. Transfers decreased 10.5% in the same time period.

I know these numbers may sound dire- but look at the bright side.

The recent decrease in property deals makes this the perfect time for you to learn how to expertly close deals from home. That way when deals pick back up again, you’ll already be ahead of your competition! do you negotiate property deals from home? Here are a few tips:

Get on the same page: When closing online, it’s important that everyone involved- the buyer, seller, lender, etc- all need to have open lines of communication. In order to close, they will all need to sign paperwork. Any miscommunications can cause delays. Be sure to follow up with phone calls and even video calls if necessary. If you go the route of a Zoom call, have some basic rules to keep everyone in line like turning off guests’ microphones.

Master your language skills and communication: Communication is key during this lockdown. Be clear and precise in your offers and understand the lockdown may affect the speed of your transactions.

Maintain and manage your relationships: During this time where no one is meeting face to face and everyone is communicating online, it’s particularly important to build quality relationships with clients. Instead of getting straight to business, check in first and see how your clients are doing. Show clients that you value them by still dressing up for Zoom meetings!

Another reason why it’s crucial to learn how to negotiate property deals from home? We are on the brink of a financial recession. I don’t tell you this to scare you! I tell you so you can begin to prepare. When you can strengthen your skillset, you can become a better real estate investor, which will in turn help you build wealth. This can help you be prepared for when the recession hits.

However, negotiating- and closing- property deals is not the only work you can do from home! It’s crucial to stay well-informed about the repercussions of COVID-19- especially while information is changing every day.

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