How to Close a R1 million Investment Deal This Year

What if your January 2021 summary looked like this:

✅ Found 5 potential deals perfect for my portfolio

✅ Closed a new deal worth R1 million

✅ Found tenants for my first rental property

Well, it can. We are on the brink of a real estate investment rebound. This is a train you don’t want to miss. How do I know this rebound is going to be worth it?

Everyone thought that the pandemic would make housing prices crash and burn. But they aren’t. A few days ago, Lightstone published their most recent Residential Property Index Report. They reported that the national house price inflation rate is sitting at 3.05%. That’s an increase of more than 0.5% since the end of December 2020!

On top of that, both luxury and mid value property have seen sharp increases in inflation since the end of 2020.

But house price inflation isn't the only factor:

  • Mid value properties are 14.4% higher than this time last year

  • It is the 24th consecutive week of housing price growth

  • Properties are selling an average of 9 days faster than last year

What does all this mean? In simple terms:

Houses are selling faster and for more money.

Right now, the housing market is ideal for investors.

So...why are you struggling to build wealth?

Well, if you’re taking advantage of the real estate rebound- aka buying assets and not liabilities- you shouldn’t be. According to Robert Kiyosaki, the trick to building wealth is to invest in assets that make you money- like rental properties- rather than liabilities that cost you money- like your own home.

Lately, it seems like people aren’t taking Robert’s advice- because they don’t have the right tools or knowledge!

We have received emails, comments on our blog posts and calls from investors all asking the same thing: How do we find the right housing deals?

After all, the deals are out there.

The key to building a successful investment portfolio and generating wealth is to find (and close) the best property deals for you. If you’re having trouble with this, it’s probably because you don’t have the right guidance.

Entrepreneur recently published an article that revealed some insightful stats. Did you know that…

  • Mentoring can boost revenue prospects by 20%

  • Mentorships can increase your chances of a promotion (aka a level up in your investment portfolio!) by 5 times

  • 70% of small businesses (like your real estate business!) stayed in business for over 5 years when they received mentoring- compared to only 35% that didn’t!

One-on-one mentorship can be a game-changer for your real estate investment business. Not only can it help you become a highly profitable investor, but it can make sure that you stay one!

If you want to learn how to invest in property and build wealth faster- and for longer- than the average investor, you need a one-on-one mentorship.

Online courses and group coaching are great resources, but they may not be the most effective way to build and sustain your investment business. For the best results, you need expert advice catered to your personal investment goals.

So why not get a one-on-one mentorship with an industry expert who can coach you directly?

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