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Expiring Investment Opportunity: 100% Tax Deductible and up to 45% ROI

Today, I’m going to get straight to the point. I have 3 questions for you. If you answer “no” to any of them, don’t even bother reading this article. But I have a feeling you’ll stick around...

So, do you want to...

  1. Get access to a 100% tax deductible investment opportunity?

  2. Receive a higher tax refund (up to 45%!!!)?

  3. Diversify your investment portfolio?

  4. Play a vital role in South Africa’s economic growth?

Is this you right now? Okay, good. Then I’ve got something really important to tell you. But read carefully because it’s a limited time investment opportunity.

What are Section 12j investments?

Back in 2009, SARS added Section 12j to the South African Income Tax. Section 12j investments are 100% tax deductible investments into venture capital companies (VCCs).

These investments are designed to promote equal access to equity funding for SME’s.

Who should invest in a Section 12j investment?

Investing with a Section 12j company is a great decision for people who want to:

  • Diversify their investment portfolio

  • Make a high ROI (20%+ higher than traditional investment methods)

  • Keep their investment for a minimum of 5 years

  • Invest in a low-risk opportunity

But there’s one catch.

When SARS introduced Section 12j, they added a sunset clause, meaning that 12j investments will no longer be allowed after 30th June 2021. Now, the government may decide to extend Section 12j, as the industry is pushing for a 5 year extension. However, no extension has been confirmed yet.

This means that you only have 4 months to invest under section 12j and less than a month if you want to do so for the current tax year, which ends on 28th February 2021.

But there’s some good news.

The Joseph Company is hosting a webinar on 23rd February 2020 all about How to Invest Using Section 12j. The Joseph Company is a South African-based company that specialises in connecting equity investors with early-stage property developments. The company, headed by serial entrepreneur Dandy Matamela, has done exceptionally well facilitating Section 12j investments.

In the past 2 years, The Joseph Company has raised over R44 million in private equity towards property development projects totaling R500 million. Their 2020 partnership with Impact Investments helped raise R1.3 million of this amount through Section 12j investments. The company is also only R100 million away from accessing R1 billion in projects that have significant interest or approved term sheets with loan financiers.

Your last chance to invest in a Section 12j investment...

If you want to invest in a Section 12j company to secure your 45% tax refund- with up to 43% ROI- the time is now. On 23rd February, The Joseph Company will be hosting a webinar on How to Invest Using Section 12j as part of BMI’s Open Day.

You don’t want to miss out on this amazing opportunity before it’s gone forever.


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