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Do you Really Need a Property Coach?

When first-time investors start their journey to making a lot of money from real estate investments, usually they want someone to hold their hand in the process.

They don't want to invest in the wrong property and lose their hard-earned money.

They don't want to invest at the wrong time and look stupid inspite of all the signs.

They don't want to miss out on the most greedy "money making" loopholes and opportunities known to only few inside the industry.

In fact, they don't want to make the most basic mistakes that will end up embarrassing them in the eyes of expert investors.

And sometimes many don't even know exactly where to begin.

So what do they do?

They get seduced into the big promises made by Property Coaches!

But here are at least…

3 main reasons to question if you really need a property coach at all:

1. Compared with the returns, investing in a Property Coach can be too expensive: Just like doctors, Property coaches have a business to run. And most of them will not hesitate to make promises that only look good on paper, just to have your money appear as CREDIT in their accounts. So while they promise you will gain back your investment in the long-run, many times your relationship with them would be over before you start making some profits from your investment - if you make any at all.

2. Many Property Coaches make more money coaching you than they follow their own advice: And this is because many coaches in the industry who brand themselves as "property coaches" have little to no experience in an industry that demands an insane amount of experience surviving its ups and downs. So with clever content marketing and pretty branding, they are able to convince their clients that investing in them to gain their advice will bring good returns. But it usually ends up becoming a very frustrating experience.

3. A Property Coach is not The Magician you seek: Again unlike their marketing promises, property coaches CANNOT perform the magic they claim will make you profits. No they can't. In essence, you are really THE ONLY PERSON who needs to take charge of your entire real estate investment destiny. It's like trusting a doctor to give you a long life - they can try but only you can do more than they can to make you live longer; by eating well, resting well and exercising more. Same with a property coach.

So instead of seeking a property coach, be better advised to seek a Property Mentor.

Why A Property Mentor Differs From A Property Coach

1. Property Mentors usually boast of longtime experience investing in real estate and making huge profits from it. Unlike most Property coaches, Property mentors do not peddle snakeskin oil. They ARE THE REAL DEAL. They have done it. They have seen enough from doing business a long time in the industry to prophesy about coming booms you can profit from. Their experience clearly sets them apart and will give you serious value for your investment.