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Are Expensive Real Estate Courses Worth It?

With countless seminars and workshops for Real Estate popping up left and right and gurus telling you that you can instantly become rich with real estate investing, is it really worth paying for an expensive program? Look I’ve been there myself, and being in the trenches of the Real Estate Industry, I realised that there’s a pattern with how these gurus are selling their programs for you. This is probably going to sound controversial as well, but some of these gurus actually make more money selling their programs than they do with real estate investing. But that’s a different topic for a different day.

The REAL question is, is it really worth it to pay for expensive real estate courses? Before you make a decision, let me break down how these guys lure you into buying their expensive programs.

Free Program

Now the goal of these free programs is to get as many leads as they can and they usually target people who aspire to make big money. So they lure them in with their free program, letting these people know that the answer to their financial goals and dreams is by becoming a Real Estate Investor. They show these people how easy it was for them to make money, and share testimonials from previous students who did the same.

But the main goal for this Free Program is to get you to buy into another program where they “supposedly” teach you how you can start making money through Real Estate just like they did. Of course, in order for you to access this program, you’d have to pay for it too. And it usually costs between R3400 - R8500 to get in.

Paid Program

Now that you’re part of the paid program, your real estate guru is going to give you a bird’s eye view on how Real Estate works and show you some tips and strategies on how you can make money with Real Estate.

You can either walk away and take the information you learned and figure things out yourself, or you can be part of their Coaching Program and they would hold you by the hand and walk you through the entire process to become a successful Real Estate Investor. But of course, with that comes a hefty price.

Usually these Coaching Programs cost between R35,000 or R150,000. And most people still invest in these programs because if they’re promised to make millions… what’s a “little” R35,000 investment compared to how much you’ll make?

Are These Expensive Real Estate Programs Worth It?