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6 Apps That Make Working From Home Easier

In the past month, thousands of South Africans have made the sudden transition from working in an office to working from home. While being able to stay in pajamas all day and still get paid is a luxury, it is also an adjustment. Anyone can work from home. Being productive while working from home is another story.

Here are my top 6 apps that will make working from home easier:

  1. Zoom: Zoom is a cloud-based video conferencing software that allows you to easily communicate with others from anywhere. Whether you need to host a business meeting or share a few details with a client, Zoom can seamlessly move all of your communication online.

  2. Quickbooks: Quickbooks is cloud-based accounting software designed specifically for small to medium-sized businesses. With Quickbooks, you can track expenses and sales, send invoices, collect payments and much more.

  3. Slack: Slack is a communication platform optimized for professionals. This collaboration software allows you to send either direct messages or group messages. Slack is designed to make teamwork easier, so it comes with features like sending and tracking documents, advanced search options, pinning and referencing messages and more.

  4. Trello: Trello is a collaboration software designed to streamline project management. It helps you create a complex and detailed to do list, break down each project into smaller tasks and then track those tasks. Tasks can be assigned to others for completion or marked as personal tasks. Trello is extremely helpful for newbie real estate investors who want to keep track of everything.

  5. Dropbox: Most of us have heard of dropbox by now. This cloud-based file-hosting service helps you to send, store and synchronise documents between yourself and others. You can store your files in Dropbox itself, which helps you to stay organized and keep a clean desktop.

  6. Teamviewer: One major challenge that those working from home face is when you want to show someone something, but they’re not there. Maybe you need help with something, just want an opinion or are training. Whatever the case may be, Teamviewer is your solution. This software allows you to share your screen with someone else and even give them remote access.

Be sure to give these apps a try! Each of them will help make your work from home life easier with just a few clicks! Whether you need to communicate with clients, manage project details or organise your finances- there’s an app for that!

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