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4 Reasons Why Millennials Should Invest in Real Estate

Updated: Sep 1, 2020

There are over 14 million millennials in South Africa and chances are you’re one of them. I am also a part of the infamous millennial demographic. It’s no secret that millennials get a bad rap. There are so many stereotypes out there about our age group. We’re said to be lazy, naive and entitled.

I don’t fit into any of these stereotypes and most of my friends don’t, either. In fact, we’re the opposite. I started my own multi-million dollar real estate company several years ago, have launched a mentorship program and love learning new things.

What many older people fail to realise is that millennials were born between 1981-1996, making the oldest millennial 38 years old today. We are not the young and reckless teenagers that many make us out to be.

In reality, we’re at an age when we’re launching our careers, getting married and even having children of our own. However, given the current state of the economy in South Africa, many of us have concerns about being able to do any of these things. I had the same fears until a couple of years ago when I started Infinite Property.

It was then that I realised the secret to financial security: property investment. Not only is it incredibly lucrative to invest in property in South Africa, but we can be even more successful as millennials investing in real estate.

Here’s why:

We need bigger retirement funds

We need retirement funds just as much as the generations that came before us. Petrol, food and rent are all more expensive today in relation to salaries than they were 20 years ago- and there is no sign of cost of living decreasing anytime soon.

Increasing costs of living means that we need to have double or triple the retirement savings that our parents had. Luckily, when we invest in property in South Africa, we can make sustainable and dependable passive income.

Flexible work schedule

A study by Bentley University showed that 77% of millennials believe flexible work hours make them more productive. Millennials around the world are desiring more flexible work schedules in terms of both location and hours.

Millennials investing in real estate are able to work when, where and how they want.

When you invest in property in South Africa, you can choose your work hours and even make phone calls from the beach if you wanted. The only time you may need to go in physically is when viewing a property- although we are currently working on some exciting virtual tour technology!

The market is right

Due to the poor state of the South African economy, the real estate market has been down for quite some time. However, it will soon be on the rise again. This is what makes now the perfect time to invest in property in South Africa! Property stokvels are gaining popularity, it’s easier to get property loans and more people are looking to buy. There is no better time to start investing than today!

Build generational wealth

Over 50% of South Africans live below the poverty line. This means that most of us millennials came from parents that struggled to make ends meet. We have the opportunity to break the cycle of poverty for our children.

When you invest in property in South Africa the smart way, you are able to build wealth quickly. And you don’t need to have millions in capital to get started.

As millennials investing in real estate, we have the opportunity to change our lives and the lives of our families. When we invest in property in South Africa, we are able to be entrepreneurs, pull ourselves out of poverty and create generational wealth. However, real estate investment also creates jobs, reduces unemployment, boosts the economy and creates a better South Africa for generations to come

If you’re interested in learning more about how to invest in property in South Africa, be sure to check out my new property investment course in South Africa: the Real Estate Wealth Mentorship Program.

Hi, I’m Ezra Rasethe, an entrepreneur, real estate investor and coach who facilitated millions of rands in investment opportunities in just 3 years. This year, I am launching my Real Estate Wealth Mentorship Program where I help 20 real estate investors start, grow and scale their businesses. Are you interested in becoming a real estate mogul? Click HERE to schedule a FREE mentorship call with me and gain access to exclusive resources.