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4 Common Problems With Property Coaches And Mentors

Have you ever heard of a sportsman succeeding without a coach?

Same way a beginner property investor NEEDS someone experienced and savvy enough to guide them to make the best investment decisions possible, if the investor wants to be wildly successful.

In fact statistics from an International Coaching Federation survey clearly showed that 80% of people coached at work developed increased confidence while 70% demonstrated improved performance. However sometimes there are problems to be discovered when you start meeting these coaches and mentors. And these issues stem mostly from the quality of coaches and mentors you find.

So in this post, you will be aware of 4 of these problems so you can differentiate between "the good" coaches/mentors and "the bad" coaches/mentors when you come across them:

1. The Good Ones Show You Their Deals, The Bad Ones Don't:

"Bad" property coaches will have the best things to say about real estate. They will make the finest promises and will even go far enough to make crazy guarantees. But... they will never show you any deals they have closed or results they have achieved.

And the reason is simply because they HAVE NONE.

So before you go on hiring a coach, make sure they have their deals ready to show you as evidence they know what they are really talking about. As soon as you join my upcoming webinar, you will be able to see my deals.

2. The Good Ones Sell Their Courses Reasonably, The Bad Ones Over-price It:

While it is possible to have high-ticket courses made available by certain trusted brands... please note this:


According to a survey led by the Office for Students UK, out of 6000 students, a whooping 62% believed their tuition fees were overhyped.

And it's exactly the same situation we find in South African real estate today. Where certain coaches and mentors simply price their courses exorbitantly, saying they are saving you the time and cost of making the same mistakes they made. But at the end, the costly price they charge is never equal to the value you gain from their course.

Other times, these "gurus" will simply say their course is expensive because of their brand. But again, what use is "brand pricing" if you get little or zero results? So there should be courses affordable enough yet competent enough to get a beginner investor started on the right path and as soon as possible.

In fact when you purchase our training (which is very affordable and has been reviewed excellently well), we will refund you if you think the course is not up to standard. This is part of our policy.

3. The Good Ones Care About Your Results, The Bad Ones Don't:

Most mentors and coaches only want to provide you with information on what to do and what NOT to do.

Because according to them, their role is to “feed” you the right information so you can make informed financial decisions about your real estate deals.

But can they make reasonable guarantees and stand by their words? Can they put their money where their mouth is? No. instead they prefer to play it safe and be on the safer side of the transactions, where they are not fully responsible or liable for whatever happens to your investment.

Those are the "bad" ones. Avoid them. We on the hand, will ensure you close your first deal in 90 days. And that is a guarantee too hard to ignore.

4. The Good Ones Have a Predictable System, The Bad Ones Don't:

It is one thing to have your coaches or mentor on speed-dial, asking questions only when problems come up. And it is another thing to BE FOLLOWING A PREDICTABLE PATH OR SYSTEM that is guaranteed to bring you to the kind of success your coach or mentor already has.

“The first type of relationship is what the "bad" ones operate on.The second type is what the "good" ones work with.”

Tony Robbins usually says, "Anticipation is key. If you can anticipate events, you will master the game." And that is just the absolute truth. You are sure to progress faster and bounce back faster from mistakes if your coach or mentor has you following a setout structure that works.


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