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3 Tips for Investing in Real Estate During a Pandemic

Have you ever struggled to find funding for your real estate investments? Have you found it difficult to find investors willing to sign on to your projects? Or worse, have you found investors that verbally agree, but then back out when everything is in writing?

If you’re like most investors I know, then you probably answered “yes!” to at least one of these questions.

Want to know the solution? Get some professional guidance and invest during the pandemic.

Sounds crazy, right?

If you experienced any of this before the pandemic, then you’re probably wondering, If I had these problems before the pandemic, how am I going to be able to successfully invest

It may sound crazy, but now is actually the best possible time to purchase an investment property. Why?

It’s a buyer’s market. This means that it’s not only affordable and easy for you to find investment properties, but also that you’ll have potential buyers and renters knocking at your door.

So, how do you go about investing in real estate during a pandemic and profiting? Here are a few tips:

  • Look for urgent sales: There are many distressed sellers due to the pandemic. Some need to sell their home urgently due to job loss, others to relocation- there are endless reasons. However, you can take advantage of their urgency to get a good deal on a property.

  • Use your connections: Because of the pandemic, not every property is being listed in the usual ways. Many sellers are keeping their listings a bit more private to attract the right kind of buyers. However, if you use your connections in the industry, you won’t miss out on buying opportunities.

  • Invest in the right area: Area can make or break your investment purchase decision right now. It’s important to buy property in an area where jobs will return to, where others are moving to, where businesses are doing well- or at least starting to bounce back, etc.

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