3 Secrets of the Most Successful Real Estate Investors

Why do you want a career in real estate investment?

My main motivator was financial freedom. I wanted to break the 9-5 cycle and generate generational wealth. In short, I was determined to be successful at this venture.

I started investing in real estate on the tail end of another business failure. Three years later, I had two profitable real estate businesses and R600 million in deals under my belt.

Want to know how I did it?

After talking with fellow real estate investors, I reaiised that many of us had developed the same habits, which propelled our success. Here are the top 3 secrets of the most successful real estate investors:


As a beginner investor, it’s easy to be blinded by money. However, it’s crucial that you plan everything.

Plan individual investments by calculating total costs, locating investors, checking what changes- if any- need to be made to the property, and so on.

However, be sure to also plan for the future. Remember that you aren’t investing as a hobby. Your portfolio is your resume. Plan for the future and treat your investments as a business.

Manage risk

Many people are afraid to go into real estate investment because they think there are too many risks. I disagree. In fact, I created an entire program designed around how to invest in real estate with no money and no risk.

Yes, there are risks. However, if you manage your risks- and don’t make any foolish ones- you will only profit.

Never stop learning

You don’t know everything. That was a hard reality to learn, as I’m incredibly stubborn, but it still rings true. Before I started my first investment business, I conducted hundreds of hours worth of research. I hadn’t even signed my first deal, but I was convinced that I knew everything about the industry.

I was wrong.

The most successful real estate investors never stop learning. Read books, read articles, listen to podcasts, attend events- you name it. Stay teachable.

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